Saarinen “White Laminate” KNOLL INTERNATIONAL
Eero Saarinen, 1957

This table is still today a piece of absolute value, outside of space and time. Here proposed in the classic version with black painted steel base, with the possibility of different top finishes, in addition to the iconic crystal version.

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Since the 1950s, Saarinen proves to be a timeless table. Thanks to its essential lines and organic shapes, the Saarinen table has a design that adapts to all spaces of contemporary living with style and elegance. And precisely because it has become a design cult, you can combine it with your furnishings with ease. He was born to marry with the Tulip chair. The Knoll logo is placed under each base. A plate with the KnollStudio logo and the designer’s signature can be found under each counter or undercounter.

Saarinen White Laminate KNOLL INTERNATIONAL
Saarinen White Laminate KNOLL INTERNATIONAL
Saarinen White Laminate KNOLL INTERNATIONAL
Product Name

Saarinen "White Laminate"


Knoll International

Designer and year

Eero Saarinen, 1957

Product code

Saarinen High Indoor

Available versions

Round diameter cm. 107, Round diameter cm. 120, Round diameter cm. 137, Oval cm. 198 x 121, Oval cm. 244 x 137.


Diameter cm. 107, 120 or cm. 137, or oval


73 cm

Additional information

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