Le Bambole 2022 B&B ITALIA – cm. 119
Mario Bellini, 2007

A welcoming and spacious seating system, “Le Bambole” reaffirm their vitality even many years after their creation. What makes “Le Bambole” really special is the apparent absence of a supporting structure.


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The Bambola armchair and Bibambola e Granbambola sofas are part of Le Bambole series, originally designed in 1972, awarded with the Compasso d’Oro in 1979. Icon of timeless contemporaneity and one of the most effective expressions of Made in Italy excellence combining research and creative flair, Le Bambole have provided a very personal answer to the theme of seats. What makes them special is the apparent absence of a load bearing structure, the extreme naturalness of the shape, and the combination of comfort, softness and elasticity that their appearance conveys. Where the original construction was based on a metal structure embedded in polyurethane, now the materials used are of the latest generation, starting from recycled polyethylene gives structure. A sustainable project thanks to the choice of materials and the construction method, that allows the components of Le Bambole to be completely disassembled and therefore easily recyclable.

Le Bambole 2022 BeB Italia - le bambole beb italia
Le Bambole 2022 BeB Italia - le bambole beb italia
Le Bambole 2022 BeB Italia - le bambole beb italia
Product Name

Le Bambole 2022 – Armchair cm. 119

Designer and year

Mario Bellini, 2007

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Available versions

Sila Ginepro 445, Sila Ocra 550


119 cm


91 cm


75 cm

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